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  1.What he has done can be praised as a real ___A__.


  2.Mid-autumn Festival is round the __D___ and everyone looks excited.


  3."If I hadn't practiced when I was younger," the musician says, "I __A___ able to play so well now."

  A.wouldn't be

  4.As soon as he succeeded in stealing, the thief ran into the crowd and __D___.


  5.Homer sat __C___ the dry candy while the Mexican woman talked.


  6.The flock of geese was flying through the sky in perfect formation following __A___ leader.


  7.Everything __D___ if Albert hadn't called the fire brigade.

  D.would have been destroyed

  8.My hand was hurt. Could you do __A___ typing for me?


  9.___D__ a half hour at lunchtime, there were no breaks in the day to relieve the boring work.


  10.Vingo and his family ___A__ in Brunswick, just before Jacksonville.

  A.used to live

  11.I slept through her __D___ speech.


  12.He is very ___A__ to call on me this afternoon.


  13.He was caught parking his car in a wrong place and was fined $ 10 on the __B___.


  14.Sam set out to improve __A___ at the shirt factory, but he failed at last.


  15.Once you ___B__ the knack of it, you will have no further difficulty.

  B.had had

  16.The young man is swift __A___ anger.


  17.Jane had never married again, but had seemed __D___ to live with her daughter.


  18.That so many advances have been made in __C___ is the most valid argument for retaining the research unit.

  C.such a short time

  19.He could see that she ___C__ patient all her life.

  C.had been

  20.With __A___ fingers she tore the letter from her husband into little bits.


  21.I should say I come at the __B___ time; I really didn't know you were so busy.


  22.A compass __A___ the captain of a ship to find his direction and keep in the right direction.


  23.He got gradually __D___ in the case, though he didn't intend to originally.


  24.We must keep away from some __D___, for they will do harm to our health.


  25.The woman began to sob when Homer was sitting there. He really wanted to get __D___ and run.


  26.There is a deep love between the young couple __C___ in understanding and support.


  27.He scarcely knew a word of French, __B___?

  B.did he

  28.The rocket will weigh about 200 tons when __B___.


  29.No one can prove that the earth __C___ not round.


  30.I shall tell you what he __C___ at three o'clock yesterday afternoon.

  C.was doing

  31.When I got there, the train had already __C___ out of the station.


  32.He was just about to jump up when he felt something __C___ near his feet.


  33.Now that you __D___, what are you going to do?

  D.have returned

  34.At sixty-five Chichester decided to sail __C___ round the world.


  35.The _____ mother beat her son black and blue, for the boy had said so many __B___ words.

  B.annoyed … annoying

  36.You should not be so angry. Anyway, I have only made a __C___ mistake.



  Passage 1

  The rocket engine, with its steady roar like that of a waterfall or a thunderstorm, is an impressive symbol of the new space age. Rocket engines have 1 D powerful enough to shoot astronauts 2 C the earth's gravitational pull and 3 B them on the moon. We have now become 4 A in space.

  Impressive and complex 5 C it may appear , the rocket , which was 6 D in China over 800 years 7 D is a relatively simple device. Fuel that is 8 D in the rocket engine changes 9 B gas. The hot and rapidly 10 C gas must escape, but it can do so only 11 D an opening that 12 D backward. As the gas is 13 D with great force, it 14 D the rocket in the 15 C direction. Like the kick of a gun 16 B it is fired, it 17 C the laws of nature 18 A by Sir Isaac Newton when he discovered that " 19 D every action , there is 20 B equal and opposite reaction."

  1. D. proved 2. C. beyond 3. B. land 4. A. travelers 5.C. as

  6.D. invented 7. D. ago 8. D. burned 9. B. into 10. C. expanding

  11. D. through 12. D. directs 13. D. radiated 14. D. pushes 15. C. opposite

  16. B. when 17. C. follows 18. A. described 19. D. for 20.B. an

  Passage 2

  For the past two years, I have been working on students' evaluation of classroom teaching. I have kept a record of informal conversations 1 A some 300 students from at 2 B twenty-one colleges and universities. The students were generally 3 D and direct in their comments 4 C how course work could be better 5 A . Most of their remarks were kindly 6 C with tolerance rather than bitterness and frequently were softened by the 7 C that the students were speaking 8 D some, not all, instructors. Nevertheless, 9 B the following suggestions and comments indicate, students feel 10 A with things-as-they-are in the classroom.

  Professors should be 11 C from reading lecture notes. "It makes their 12 A monotonous(单调的)." If they are going to read, why not 13 D out copies of the lecture. Then we 14 D need to go to class. Professors should 15 D repeating in lectures material that is in the textbook. " 16 A we've read the material, we want to 17 C it or hear it elaborated on, 18 B repeated." "A lot of students hate to buy a 19C text that the professor has written 20 D to have his lectures repeated."

  1. A. involving 2. B. least 3. D. frank 4. C. on 5. A. presented

  6. C. made 7. C. case 8. D. with 9. B. as 10. A. dissatisfied

  11. C. discouraged 12. A. voices 13. D. give 14. D. shouldn't 15. D. avoid

  16. A. Once 17. C. discuss 18. B. not 19. C. required 20. D. only

  Passage 3

  Rumor is the most 1 A way of spreading stories by passing them on from mouth 2 B mouth. But civilized countries in normal times have better 3 C of news than rumor. They have radio, television, and newspapers. In times of stress and 4 A , 5 B , rumor 6 A and becomes widespread. At such 7 C the different kinds of news are in 8 B , the press, television, and radio versus the grapevine. Especially 9 A rumors spread when war requires censorship(审查,检查)on many important matters. The customary news sources no longer 10 C enough information. Since the people cannot learn 11 A legitimate(合法的,正规的)channels all 12 D they are anxious to learn, they pick up "news" 13 A they can and when this 14 C , rumor thrives.

  Rumors are often repeated 15 B by those who do not believe the tales. There is a fascination about them. The reason is 16 A the cleverly designed rumor gives expression to something deep in the hearts of the victims--the fears, suspicions, forbidden hopes, or daydreams which they hesitate to 17 B directly. Pessimistic(悲观的)rumors about defeat and disasters show that the people who repeat them are 18 D and anxious. 19 C rumors about record production or peace soon coming point to complacency(满足,自得)or confidence and often to 20 A .

  1. A. primitive 2. B. to 3. C. sources 4. A. confusion 5. B. however

  6. A. emerges 7. C. times 8. B. competition 9. A. do 10. C. give out

  11. A. through 12. D. that 13. A. wherever 14. C. happens 15. B. even

  16. A. that 17. B. voice 18. D. worried 19. C. Optimistic 20. A. overconfidence


  Passage 1

  In many parts of the world,a young person's husband or wife is chosen by the person's parents.In the United States,the choice is usually made by the young people themselves.A few people now employ private companies to help them in their search for the right husband or wife.Such a company collects a great deal of information about each man and woman who is interested in marrying and puts the information on a card,which is called an IBM(国际商用机器公司)card. All the cards are then classified(分类)by a computer,a machine which organizes the cards into groups.The theory is that such a machine can make the best decision about matching the right man with the right woman because machines are not influenced by emotions(情感).Mr. Walker and Miss Brown are such a couple.When they first met,they did not have much to talk of since everything was written on their cards.They are so perfectly matched that they seem to have everything in common.For instance,they have the same interests,future plans and even living styles.

  1. This passage is mainly about __C___.

  C. a new way that some people choose the right husband or wife in America

  2. Young people in the United States usually become husband and wife __C___.

  C. out of their own choices

  3. In this passage the word "influence" means __A___.

  A. affect strongly

  4. After all the cards are sent into a computer, the computer __B___.

  B. makes the best decision about matching the right man with the right woman

  5. Mr. Walker and Miss Brown didn't have much to talk of because __C___.

  C. their information had been written on their cards

  Passage 2

  The journey two divers(潜水员)made some time ago to the very deepest point on the earth make us realize how much of the world still remains to be studied. The two men went down seven miles to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean inside a small ball to find out if there are any ocean currents(水流)or signs of life.

  It was necessary to set out early, so that the ball would come to the surface in daylight, and so be easily found by the mother ship which would be waiting for it. The divers began preparations(准备)early in the morning and soon afterwards, when all was ready, the steel ball disappeared under the surface of the water.

  The divers felt as if they were going down steps as they passed through warm and cold layers(层)of water. In time, the temperature dropped to freezing point. They kept in touch with the mother ship by telephone telling how they felt. Then, at a depth(深度)of 3,000 feet, the telephone stopped working and they were quite cut off from the outside world. All went well until some four hours later at 30,000 feet, the men were frightened by a loud, cracking(爆裂)noise: even the smallest hole in the ball would have meant instant death. Luckily, though, it was only one of the outer(外部的)windows that had broken. Soon afterwards, the ball touched the soft ocean floor raising a big cloud of "dust" made up of small dead sea-creatures. Here, powerful lights lit up the dark water and the men were surprised to see fish swimming just above them quite untroubled by the great water pressure(压力). But they did not dare to leave the lights on for long , as the heat from them made the water boil. Quite unexpectedly, the telephone began working again and the faint(微弱的)but clear voices of the divers were heard on the mother ship seven miles away. After a stay of thirty minutes the men began their journey up, arriving three hours later, cold and wet through, but none the worse for their experience.

  1. The purpose of the diver's journey to the deepest point on the earth was to find ___B__.

  A. if there are water currents and life in the great depths

  B. if people can stand the severe cold in the great depths

  C. if there are steps in the great depths

  D. if the telephone works well in the great depths

  2. The divers set out early in the morning so that ___A__.

  A. they could return to the surface during the day

  B. they could see at the bottom of the ocean

  C. they could avoid the cold at night

  D. they could stay long at the bottom

  3. Which of the following statements is true? A

  A. The ocean water temperature decreases steadily with the depth

  B. There are steps on the way to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

  C. There are steps between the water layers of different temperature

  D. The water layers of different temperatures made the divers feel as if they were going down steps

  4. As the divers went down to the ocean floor, the telephone ___C__.

  A. kept working all the time

  B. stopped working at a depth of 3,000 feet and began working again after they reached the bottom

  C. stopped working at a depth of 3,000 feet and began working at 30,000 feet

  D. stopped working at a depth of 3,000 feet and began working again when they returned to the same depth

  5. On the ocean floor, the divers found that __A___.

  A. there was no life but some small dead sea-creatures

  B. fish were swimming as freely as they do near the surface

  C. fish were not swimming freely in the dark water

  D. fish were not swimming freely under the high water pressure

  Passage 3

  Suppose we built a robot(机器人)to explore the planet Mars. We provide the robot with seeing detectors(探测器)to keep it away from danger. It is powered entirely by the sun. Should we program the robot to be equally active at all times? No. The robot would be using up energy at a time when it was not receiving any. So we would probably program it to stop its activity at night and to wake up at dawn the next morning.

  According to the evolutionary(进化的)theory of sleep, evolution equipped us with a regular pattern of sleeping and waking for the same reason. The theory does not deny(否认)that sleep provides some important restorative functions(恢复功能). It merely says that evolution has programmed us to perform those functions at a time when activity would be inefficient and possibly dangerous. However, sleep protects us only from the sort of trouble we might walk into;it does not protect us form trouble that comes looking for us. So we sleep well when we are in a familiar, safe place, but we sleep lightly, if at all, when we fear that bears will nose into the tent.

  The evolutionary theory explains the differences in sleep among creatures. Why do cats, for instance, sleep so much, while horses sleep so little? Surely cats do not need five times as much repair and restoration as horses do. But cats can afford to have long periods of inactivity because they spend little time eating and are unlikely to be attacked while they sleep. Horses must spend almost all their waking hours eating, because what they eat is very low in energy value. Moreover, they cannot afford to sleep too long or too deeply, because their survival(生存)depends on their ability to run away from attackers.

  1. The author uses the example of the robot in space exploration to tell us ___B__.

  B. the reason why men need to sleep

  2. Evolution has programmed man to sleep at night chiefly to help him __C___.

  C. avoid danger and inefficient labour

  3. According to the author, we cannot sleep well when we __A___.

  A. are worrying about our safety

  4. Cats sleep much more than horses do partly because cats __D___.

  D. spend less time eating to get enough energy

  5. Which of the following is the main idea of the passage? __A___

  A. Evolution has equipped all creatures with a regular pattern of sleeping and waking.


  1.到那座房子步行约半个多小时。 The house was within the reach of half an hour's walk.

  2.工作时间必须全力以赴。 Nothing but work during the working hours.

  3.大部分孩子几乎是给他们什么都吃。 Most children are ready to eat almost anything that is offered to them.

  4.好环境会给人好心情。 Good environment keeps people in good mood.

  5.森林已经变成一排排的房屋。 The forest has been replaced by rows and rows of houses and buildings.


  Among the 0.1 million residents of this town, half of them are non-natives.


  The depth of a novel can never be judged by the significance of the theme.


  The former residence of the famous writer is situated on a big street.


  She ignored the dissuasions from others.


  The young people of China and of the U.S. live in different social environments.


  At that time he already enjoyed a high reputation within the musical circle.


  Visitors are allowed to operate with their own hands and to observe closely.


  Canada has a territory larger than that of China.


  Happiness enjoyed alone is a pleasure, so is sorrow tasted privately.


  Those museums help to spread scientific knowledge.


  Whenever we gather together, an important topic of discussion has been the Olympic Games.

  17. 他年轻时脾气暴躁。

  He had a sharp temper when he was young.


  They have their individually different experiences of life.


  His father is addicted to alcohols and cigarettes.


  Even on weekends, they would spend one day, or even two days, on working overtime.


  There is a different picture of Shanghai as a modern city.


  The United States attracts many immigrants from other countries.


  Happiness enjoyed alone is a pleasure, so is sorrow tasted privately.


  1.She has a perfect figure. 她身材不错。

  2.He is far from what I expected. 他远不是我想象的那样。

  3.We have the same problem as you do concerning the learning of English.


  4.A long life is thought to be a full one. 能度过漫长的一生被认为是甚为圆满的。

  5.Lives are measured by the impressions they leave on the world.


  6.He was sentenced as much as six months in jail for drunk driving.


  7.His marriage suffered and ended in divorce.


  8.The only other people who knew the secret were his father and mother.


  9.If you want to go, I would give you my advice that you take an umbrella.


  10.This is indeed a most pressing problem.


  11.Some couples have children in order to maintain or improve their marriage


  12.I remained confused about the problem. 这个问题我还是不懂。

  13.American literature is completely unlike that of Europe.


  14.Much progress has been made in computer science in less than a century.


  15.Would you please pass me a piece of paper to write on?


  16.We managed to repair the door. 我们努力把门修好。

  17.Wet paint. 油漆未干。

  18.Our two countries are neighbors whose friendship is of long standing.


  19.He was sentenced as much as six months in jail for drunk driving.


  20.He went so far as to cheat openly on test. 他居然敢公开作弊。

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