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  91. Probability is the mathematical study of the _____ of an event's occurrence.

  A. desire B. likelihood C. result D. effect

  92. Driving a car without insurance can have _____ consequences.

  A. uncertain B. disastrous C. potential D. unworthy

  93. The police refused to _____ the clues they were working on.

  A. exhibit B. disclose C. expose D. discern

  94. What you have done is _____ the doctor's orders.

  A. attached to B. resistant to C. responsible to D. contrary to

  95. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of _____ quality, he'd tell them so.

  A. minor B. humble C. inferior D. awkward

  96. The continuous rain was _____ for the exceptional poor harvest

  A. blamed B. condemned C. accused D. charged

  97. The rocks are very big with _____ of colors on them.

  A. bands B. marks C. rails D. shapes

  98. There were no tickets _____ for Friday's performance.

  A. preferable B. possible C. considerable D. available

  99. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the witness _____ that his story was true.

  A. stuck out B. stood out C. kept down D. held up

  100. In a typhoon, winds _____ a speed greater than 120 kilometers per hour.

  A. assume B. accomplish C. attain D. assemble

  101. Professor Smith and Professor Brown will _____ in giving the class lectures.

  A. exchange B. alter C. shift D. alternate

  102. Pack the cake in a strong box, or it might get _____ in the post.

  A. splashed B. spilt C. crushed D. crashed

  103. The thief _____ the papers all over the room while he was searching.

  A. abandoned B. vanished C. scattered D. deserted

  104. Today, housework has been made much easier by electrical _____.

  A. facilities B. appliances C. instruments D. equipment

  105. The _____ of the trees in the water was very clear.

  A. mirror B. sight C. reflection D. shadow

  106. One _____ needed when making a cake is flour; another is sugar.

  A. container B. ingredient C. content D. equivalent

  107. They have been waiting for many hours to see the singer, but the airplane must have been _____.

  A. behind the times B. behind schedule C. ahead of time D. in no time

  108. Neither of them thought highly of him and they both tried to _____ him in his work.

  A. hamper B. support C. assist D. encourage

  109. Her display of bad temper completely _____ the party.

  A. harmed B. damaged C. spoilt D. hurt

  110. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son's illness had put him under great _____.

  A. emotion B. excitement C. crisis D. stress

  111. The reference she made to her friend, the poet, was interesting but too _____ for anyone to appreciate.

  A. drastic B. dull C. obscure D. distinct

  112. He _____ his engagement just before the wedding.

  A. broke out B. broke away from C. broke off D. broke up

  113. When she heard from the hospital that her father had died, she _____ into tears.

  A. burst B. went C. exploded D. fell

  114. Your help is _____ for the success of the project.

  A. indispensable B. indicative C. inevitable D. inherent

  115. _____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday.

  A. In spite of B. But for C. Because of D. As for

  116. It was difficult to guess what her _____ to the news would be.

  A. impression B. comment C. reaction D. opinion

  117. Our attitude toward our teachers should be _____, but not slavish or superstitious.

  A. respectable B. respected C. respective D. respectful

  118. We could see that he was trying to _____ his own responsibility for the delay, instead of accepting his fault.

  A. run over B. smooth over C. pass off D. turn down

  119. Glemp's heroic flight into space entitled him _____ a place in history.

  A. for B. with C. to D. of

  120. He's _____ drink and never does a stroke of work.

  A. gone to B. taken to C. taken up D. gone for


  91.[答案] B. likelihood[注释] 句意:概率是对事件发生的可能性的数学研究。

  92.[答案] B. disastrous.[注释] disastrous 灾难性的。

  93.[答案] B. disclose.[注释]disclose (=uncover; allow to be seen; make known) 透露, 使显露: 1) The lawyer disclosed the details of the case. 2) He disclosed that he had made arrangements to buy a new car. exhibit 展览, 展出, 显示, expose 暴露,discern 认出, 发现, 辨别,识别。


  94. [答案] D. contrary to.[注释] (be) contrary to与.......相反, 违反 (作表语) :What you wish to do is contrary to the regulations. contrary to也可以作状语:a. If you act contrary to the doctor's advice, you won't get well again. b. Contrary to what I thought, he has proved to be successful. 2) 作定语:The boy was swimming in a direction contrary to the current. (这男孩朝着逆流方向游去。)

  95.[答案] C. inferior[注释] inferior详见III.400.注释.

  本题译文:这位商店售货员对顾客很坦率。如果货物质量不好, 他就把情况告诉顾客。

  96.[答案] A. blamed.[注释] blame sb./sth. for ... 因.......埋怨、责怪 .......:He blames you for neglect of duty. (他责怪你玩忽职守。) condemn 谴责、判刑。Accuse sb. of控告某人犯有.......。charge sb. with控告某人犯有......。

  97.[答案] A. bands.[注释] band (颜色与其余部分不同的) 条纹。Mark痕迹, 斑点; 记号, 标记。本题是讲岩石上色彩不同的“条纹”, 故用bands. rail (轨道) ,shape (形状) ,均不合题意。

  98.[答案] D. available.[注释] available (=capable of being used; that may be obtained) 可利用的; 可以找到的:1) These tickets are available for one month. (这些票的有效期一个月。) 2) Is there a doctor available? (有否可以找到大夫?) 3) A limited number of seats are still available. (仍然还有少量座位。)

  99.[答案] A. stuck out.

  [注释]stick out 坚持。详见III.400.注释.

  100.[答案] C. attain.[注释] attain (=succeed in doing or getting) 达到 (目的等) ,取得 (成就等) :I hope you will attain your object, accomplish (顺利) 完成。assume假定, 假设, 承担。assemble集合; 装配。

  101.[答案]D. alternate.[注释]alternate vt./vi. 轮流,交替发生或出现:Wet days alternate with fine days.(晴雨天交替更迭。)The weather today will alternate between fine and cloudy.(今天的天气将是晴间多云。)shift般动,移动(vt.);转移到,迁移(vi.);改变:1)Lend me a hand to shift the piano, will you?(请帮个忙搬一下这台钢琴。) 2)They have shifted away from this area.(他们已从这一地区迁走了。) 3)The candidate is constantly shifting his opinion about the problem.(这位竞选者在这个问题上不断改变他的观点。)exchange交换;exchange... for ... 用.......换......;alter(部分)修改。

  102.[答案]C. crushed.[注释]crush压坏,压碎;弄皱;辗散;1)Don't crush this box; there are flowers inside.(不要把这个盒子压坏了,里面有鲜花。) 2)Her dress was crushed.(她的衣服弄皱了。) 3)The machine crushes wheat grain to make floor.(这台机器把麦粒辗成面粉。)splash溅,泼;split(中间)裂开;crash(向下)猛跌;(飞机)失事。

  103.[答案]C. scattered.[注释]scatter(=throw or put in various directions, or here and there)撒。abandon放弃,抛弃。desert遗弃(而离开)。vanish消亡,灭亡。本题句意是将小偷在搜寻钱时的情景,所以应选scattered(撒)。

  104.[答案]B. appliances.[注释]electric appliances电器用具,facilities公用设备。equipment设备,装备,是集合名词,指“设备”的总称,只有当数形式。instrument仪器。

  105.[答案]C. reflection.[注释]reflection此处意为“映在水中的倒影”,而不是“影子”或“阴影”,故不能用shadow。其他选择均不合题意。

  106.[答案]B. ingredient.


  107.[答案]B. behind schedule.[注释]behind schedule(=late, behind time)晚点:The train is running behind schedule today.(=The train is not on time today.)behind the times(=using things not in style; still following old ways; old fashioned)过时,跟不上时代,落后:1)The store is behind the times.(=The store is old-fashioned; it looks as stores looked 40 years ago.) 2) Mary thinks her parents are behind the times because they still do the fox-trot and don't know any new dances.(=Mary's parents are old-fashioned in their dancings .) ahead of time提前: They have fulfilled their production plans ahead of time, in no time(=soon, quickly)立即,马上:I'll be back in no time to see you home.

  108.[答案]A. hamper.[注释]hamper(=hinder, prevent free movement or activity)阻碍:Lack of equipment is hampering our work.本题译文:他们两人都认为他不怎么样并极力阻碍他工作。

  Think highly of... 对...评价很高,认为......很好。

  109. [答案]C. spoilt.[注释]spoil指出意指“使...... 扫兴,搞糟”,如:Quarrelling spoilt the picnic.(争吵使这次野餐弄得很扫兴。)hurt伤害,damage 损坏,harm危害,均不合题意。

  110.[答案]D. stress. [注释]put sb. under(great) stress使某人处境(非常)紧张,使某人受(很大)压力。

  111.[答案]C. obscure.[注释]obscure(=not clearly seen or understood)模糊难懂得。drastic激烈的,严厉的;dull单调的;distinct清楚的,明显的;截然不同的(from)。


  112.[答案]C. broke off.[注释]break off(=cease suddenly, discontinue)突然中断;break off one's engagement(解除婚约)。Break off(=interrupt) one's conversation(打断谈话)。Break out(=begin suddenly)爆发。Break away from摆脱,从......退出。

  113.[答案]A. burst[注释]burst into tears放声大哭;又如:burst into thunderous cheers(发出雷呜般的欢呼);burst into laughing(捧腹大笑)。

  114.[答案]A. indispensable.[注释]indispensable(to, for)不可缺少的,必需的。Indicative(of)指示的。Inevitable 不可避免的。Inherent固有的,内在的,天生的。

  115.[答案]B. But for[注释]but for(=without, except for)若非,要不是:But for your help we could not have finished it in time.(要不是你的帮助,我们本来不会及时完工。)

  116.[答案]C. reaction.[注释]reaction(to)对......的反应:Our reaction to a joke is to laugh.

  117.[答案]D. respectful.[注释]respectable(=deserving respect)值得尊敬的,品行端正的。respectful(=showing respect to)有礼貌的,表示尊敬的。Respective各个的。respected尊敬的。Respecting prep.(=relating to; concerned with)关于,说到。

  118.[答案]B. smooth over.[注释]smooth over(=make smooth, put right, balliate)使平息,使恢复正常的,掩饰:1)I will try to smooth their quarrel over.(我将设法平息他们的争吵。) 2)Don't try to smooth over your fault.(不要设法掩饰你的过错。)

  run over 详见Ⅲ.145,146.注释;pass off详见Ⅲ.126.注释;turn down详见Ⅲ.180,181.注释.

  119.[答案]C. to.[注释]entitle sb. to sth.(=give a right to)给予权利: 1)He is entitled to special treatment because of his rank(由于他的级别他有权享受特殊待遇。) 2) Officers are entitled to travel first class.(军官们有权乘头等车旅行。)

  120.[答案]B. taken to.

  [注释]take to养成(某种习惯)。A stroke of一件。本题译文:他以成了酒徒,从来没有干过一件工作。

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