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  Wu Xian Trading Co. Ltd

  300 Shuidian RD.

  Shanghai 200083

  P.R. China

  18 Feb., 2006


  This is to inform you that we have done business with King Tie Trading Company for more than five years. We are pleased to report that all business has been conducted well and satisfactorily.

  The company has been most helpful in providing information and services about both

  domestic and overseas market. We have found that the company has a broad range of information on animal by-products.

  If you need further information, please write or phone.

  Yours sincerely,

  Wu Yin











  参考用语 (Reference Expressions)

  1. He has some capacity to do search work and shows much promise as a college teacher.


  2. Please allow me to recommend …to you.


  3. We have been working together for quiet some time, and I found it pleasant to work with him.


  4. Although his stay with us was brief, we were pleased with his performance.


  5. His working abilities and administrative skills were excellent.


  6. She acted responsibly and conscientiously at all time.


  7. She is conscientious, efficient, well –organized, bright, and tactful with all the people here.


  8. I make no hesitation in recommending him; you will find him a big help.


  9. He always proves himself hard-working and modest.


  10. If you wish further information, please contact us.


  七、 询价信

  Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Letter of Inquiry(询价信) according to the following information. You should not translate the Chinese into English word for word. You should write more than 80 words on the Composition sheet.

  内容: 我厂对贵公司生产的男女自行车及童车感兴趣,能否请贵公司寄一份产品目录表和价格表。我公司是成都最大的经销商,并在五个地区设有分公司。如果贵厂的自行车质量另人满意,价格合理,我们将大量订货。


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  We have seen the advertisement of your bicycles on television, and we are very interested in your machines for both men and women, and also for children. Will you please send us a copy of your catalogue and current price-list for bicycles?

  We are the leading bicycle dealer(经销商) in this city, where cycling is popular, and have branches in five neighboring districts. If the quality of your machines is satisfactory and the prices are reasonable, we will place regular order for fairly large numbers.

  We look forward to your early reply.

  Sincerely yours,

  Wang Hua

  Sales Manager




  1. We have seen your advertisement in a trade journal that…我们在一商业刊物上看到贵公司的广告…

  2. We have heard of your products.我们听说过贵公司的产品.

  3. We are interested in your products which we saw in recent elections show held in London.我们在伦敦最近举办的电子产品展览会参观时,对贵方产品很感兴趣.

  4. Your newly developed products displayed at the Sydney Trade Fair has interested us.本公司对贵方在悉尼商品交易会上展出的新近研制的产品感兴趣.


  1. We should be pleased to receive your catalogue and price-list.我们将很高兴收到贵公司的商品目录和价格表.

  2. We take great interest in your products and wish to have quotations for the items specified below.我们对贵公司产品感兴趣,并希望得到以下产品的报价.

  3. Would you please send us catalogue, price-list, together with the samples of your products?您能惠寄贵公司产品的目录、格表表和样品吗?

  4. We would ask you to let us have a quotation for…我们想请贵公司寄一份…的报价单.

  5. Please quote your latest prices for the items listed below.请将下列商品的最新价报到我方.

  6. Please kindly quote us your lowest prices for vacuum cleaners.请告知吸尘器的最低报价.

  7. We should be very grateful if you would let us have full details of…倘若提供优质服务的所有详情,我们将不胜感激.

  8. Would you be kind enough to send us the following information as soon as possible?请尽快告知下列情况.


  1. If your equipment is of good q1ualitiy, and we receive a favorable offer, we may be able to place large order with you.如果贵公司设备质量好、价格优惠,我方将向贵公司大量定货。

  2. If your prices are competitive, we can probably let you have regular orders.如果贵公司价格有竞争力,我方也许会经常向贵公司定购。

  八、 致谦信

  Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Letter of Apology according to the following information.

  内容: 总经理张磊于5月6日收到买方批评该公司逾期发货的信。公司对此十分抱歉,之所以没能按时交货是因为原料到迟了。公司正尽全力在一周内交运买方的订货,并保证今后不再有延误的事情发生,由此引起的一切不便,请接受本公司的致歉。



  May 8th

  Dear sir,

  We have received your letter of May 6 complaining our delay of shipment, and we are sorry that we have not been able to deliver your order on time. The delay was caused by the late arrival of some of the raw materials.

  We are making our efforts to complete your shipment within a week, and we ensue that such a delay is not to occur again. Please accept our sincere apologies to you for the delay and the inconvenience it has caused you.

  Yours truly,

  Zhang Lei

  General Manager



  1.I must apologize to you for…我必须向你道歉,因为…

  2. I regret to tell you that…我很抱歉的告诉你…

  3. I write to express my deep regret.我写此信向你表示深深的歉意.

  4. I’m writing to you to ask you to excuse me for…我写此信请求你原谅我…

  5. I’m very/terribly sorry to tell you that…很/非常抱歉的告诉你…

  6. Please accept my sincere apology.请接受我诚挚的歉意.

  7. I hope you will accept my apology.希望您能接受我们的道歉.


  Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Letter according to the following information. You should not translate the Chinese into English word for word. You should write more than 80 words on the Composition sheet.

  内容: 某公司的秘书欲向一家宾馆预订一个带浴室的双人间和一个带淋浴的单人房间,时间从7月27日至7月31日.另外, 预订3张8月1日星期六上午10点40分由伦敦飞往纽约的飞机票.

  写信人和地址: John Smith, 919 West 49th Street, Middletown, Ohio, 45042, USA.

  收信人和地址: Manager of Seascape Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton, Susex, England.

  时间: 2004年7月25日


  919 West 49th Street

  Middletown, Ohio, 45042


  July 25th, 2004

  The Manager

  Seascape Hotel

  Marine Parade




  Dear Sir,

  Our corporation has arranged for a display at the forthcomingWorld

  Trade Fair held in London on July 28th, 2004, so we’d like to book two

  rooms at your hotel for four nights from July 27th to July 31st. Have you

  got a double room with a bath and a single room with shower?

  In addition, please kindly reserve us three seats in the plane leaving

  London for New York at 10:40 a.m. on Saturday, August 1st.

  Hoping to have an early reply.

  Yours faithfully,

  John Smith



  1. I’m writing to make reservation of…今写此信预定…

  2. Please kindly reserve me two seats in…请代留…座位两个

  3. Could you please make reservation in…for me?请你们为我…行吗?

  4. Kindly reserve me two seats in the express, leaving Shanghai for Beijing at 2:30 p.m. the day after tomorrow?请为我预订两张由上海到北京的特快火车票,时间为后天下午2点30分.

  5. Will you please reserve/book a second-class cabin on the… leaving Dalian for Shanghai?可否为我在大连开往上海方向的…号客轮上订一个二等舱位?

  6. I shall thank you if you will reserve me a single room with bath in your hotel for eight nights from July 1st till July 9th. I prefer a room with a view of the sea if possible.麻烦您替我订一个带浴室的单人房间, 时间从7月1日至9日.如果可能, 窗户最好面临大海.

  7. I’ll be obliged if you will reserve… for me. 倘能为我预订…, 我将不胜感激.


  Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Letter of Certification (证明信)according to the following information. You should not translate the Chinese into English word for word. You should write more than 80 words on the Composition sheet.


  证明人: Heidi 吉林大学数学系教授

  被证明人: 李微 Heidi教授从前的学生,现在的下属

  内容: Heidi先生给有关部门写信证明李微在校学习4年,成绩优秀,与同学相处融洽.毕业后受聘该校任助教.在此期间,身体健康,工作努力,忠于职责,诚实可靠.



  February 26,2004

  To Whom It May Concern:

  This is to certify that Mr. Li Wei, one of my former students, had studied Mathematics in the Math Department of Ji Lin University for 4 years. His academic record was constantly maintained at the top level. He got excellent scores in all the subjects. In addition, he was on good terms with his classmates. After graduation, he has been engaged in our university as a teaching assistant for 3 years. Being physically and mentally healthy, Mr. Li has faithfully attended to his duties and has proved himself to be industrious and thoroughly reliable.

  Yours faithfully,


  Professor of Math Department

  Ji Lin University



  1. To Whom It May Concern(致有关人士)为通用证明信的称呼语.

  2. This is to certify that…兹证明…

  3. I have the pleasure in certifying that…我乐于证明…

  4. It is my pleasure to certify that…我乐于证明…

  5. I hereby certify that…我证明…

  6. Let it be known that…兹证明…

  7. It is my pleasure to give evidence that…我很高兴的向你们证明


  Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a letter of establishing business relations according to the following information. You should not translate the Chinese into English word for word. You should write no less than 80 words on the Composition sheet.

  写信人姓名及地址: Wang Zhigang, Nanhai Textiles Impot & Export Corporation, No 32 Fuxing Road, Beijing, P.R. China

  收信人姓名及地址: The Manager of Chicago Clothes Inc., 1578 Mortaon Ave., Chicago 27, III., USA

  内容: 南海纺织品进出口公司的经理通过中国银行纽约分行得悉芝





  Nanhai Textiles Impot & Export Corporation

  No 32 Fuxing Road


  P.R. China

  March 21st, 2004

  Chicago Clothes Inc.

  1578 Mortaon Ave.

  Chicago 27, III.


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  You were recommended to us by the Bank of China, New York

  Branch, which told us that you import Chinese textiles.

  Our company exports Chinese textiles. They are of good quality

  and the price is favorable. Chinese textiles are very popular in Europe and Australia. We would like to work with you to market them in North American.

  We are sending you under separate cover by airmail a copy of the

  latest catalogue. Please inform us if there are any items which interest you and we will send you quotes and samples.



  1. We have got your name and address from… and know that you deal in computers.我们从…得到贵公司行名,得知贵方经营计算机.

  2. We write to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of various kinds of ventilators and air-conditioners.兹自我介绍本公司为各种换气扇和空调的主要出口商.

  3. We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.我们愿在平等互利的基础上与你方建立业务关系.

  4. Specializing in the export of Chinese foodstuffs, we wish to express our desire to trade with you in this line. 本公司专门经营中国食品的出口业务,兹特向贵方表示愿在这方面与贵公司做贸易.



  启示的格式(The structure of a notice)除了具备海报所含的三部分(标题,正文,署名)外,通常还需要加上联系地址和电话号码等。

  启示的标题(Subject Line)要求醒目,能够真正吸引读者的注意力。启示标题一般分为两种:即,直接标题,如遗失启示(Lost),招领启示(失物招领)(Found)等:间接标题,就是启示撰写者根据启示的基本内容自己订标题。例如:DO YOU KNOW THIS SECRET?


  署名(signature)是指一个启示的最后落款。署名格式同海报的落款格式。启示的正文之后,或者在署名的下方注明联系地址(Address to Contact),联系人或联系电话,以便于有意者对启示中声明的事予以及时的联系。





  I was careless and lost a copy a Chinese Dictionary when studying in the reading room of the library yesterday afternoon. I will appreciate it very much if the finder sends it to the office of the Physics Department or ring me to fetch it back.



  Address: Room201, Building 2

  Tel. 66523478



  丢失人 麦克

  2005年12 月21日



  参考用语(Reference Expressions)

  1.I was careless and lost…

  2. It contains …

  3. I will appreciate it very much if the finder sends it to the office … or ring me to fetch it back.

  4. will the finder please send it to … Thanks a lot.






  I happen to find a bag which contains a wallet, two English novels and one maths textbook at the Dining-room第一.Loser is expected to come to my dormitory to claim it.


  Li Qiang

  Address: Room307,Building 2

  参考用语(Reference Expressions)

  1. I happened to find ….which contains … at the Dining Room 第一.

  2. Loser is expected to come to … to claim it.

  3. Anyone who lost…at Room 203 is expected to come to … to claim it.




  September 8

  Owing to the speeding expansion of our business, we find it necessary to remove to more spacious premise. We beg to inform our customers that after National Day , we shall be at 24 Sichuan Road. You are warmly welcome to our new address.

  Spring Travel Agency

  参考用语(Reference Expressions)

  1. Owing to…, we find it necessary to remove to…

  2. You are warmly welcome to our new address.

  3. We beg to inform … that after next month , we shall be at …

  征稿启示(Contributions Wanted)

  Contributions Wanted

  Sept.5, 2005

  To warmly celebrate the fifty anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have decided to publish a special issue emphasizing reports on our great achievements in our modernization and construction on the brilliant prospect for the open policy of our country. All are welcome to send in their contributions in whatever form or style before the 25th of September.

  The Editorial Department of “Readers”

  参考用语(Reference Expressions)

  1. To warmly celebrate…, we have decided to…

  2. In celebration of …, we decided to…

  3. This magazine has decided to publish a special issue with emphasis on…

  4. All are welcome to send in their contributions in whatever form or style.

  5. we have decided to publish a special issue with the topic…

  更正启事(Corrections )


  The third of the first paragraph of column three on page four of the June issue of our magazine should read “the Clinton Administration”.

  参考用语(Reference Expressions)

  1. The fifth line of the fourth paragraph of on page ten of the October issue of our magazine should read “:We should do everything possible to help them”.

  2. 2.

  3. Because of an editing error, an article on Sunday about …, misstated…

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